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Grass Fed lamb. Grass Finished . Organic lamb . verified non-GMO . No synthetic chemicals . no added hormones . no antibiotics

Warilba Organic Lamb

Grass-fed | certified organic lamb

Preserving the farming traditions of a bygone era, Warilba lamb has the authentic flavour and tenderness that only comes from farming the traditional way. From farm to table, we’re delivering naturally better lamb.

Refined quality

Free to range and graze on organic Australian pastures, Warilba lamb is farmed with care for succulent, tender lamb that melts in your mouth.

By allowing nature to take its course, we naturally produce superior lamb.

  • Certified Organic
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Grass Fed & Finished
  • Raised in Australia
  • No added hormones
  • No antibiotics
  • No GMOs
  • No synthetic chemicals

Loved by chefs

Inherently Australian, Warilba’s organic lamb enjoys popularity among chefs and butchers both domestically and internationally.


Whether relishing impeccably prepared cutlets, indulging in classic roast dinners, savoring the tenderness of slow-cooked lamb shoulder or lamb curry, or delighting in the subtly seasoned lamb kofta, Warilba’s organic and grass-fed lamb consistently delivers a dining experience akin to that of a fine restaurant.

Carbon Neutral

Warilba organic lamb is 100% carbon neutral from farms to butcher. Warilba Lamb officially achieved carbon neutral status in June 2019 when Hewitt Foods (owner of Warilba) became a NoCO2 business under the NoCO2 program of the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI). CRI audits businesses internationally to the United Nations standards on greenhouse gas emissions. They have invested carefully in carbon offsets to compensate for the carbon footprint that Hewitt Foods produces, as well as continueing to reduce emissions at every opportunity.

Delicate, soft flavours

Nurtured in expansive organic pastures that afford them constant freedom, Warilba lamb embodies a distinctive flavor and tenderness derived from adhering to traditional farming practices.


Operating under the umbrella of Hewitt Foods, their ethos is straightforward: prioritise the welfare of animals, foster positive human relationships, and steward the land responsibly.


These principles are upheld through a stringent external certification process. By allowing nature to dictate the pace, Warilba consistently yield superior lamb.

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