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Sustainability – the word many companies like to use without much thought behind it..Don’t worry,  we’re not here to greenwash you.


Sustainable farming practices are a constantly evolving  target, and there are many farmers looking at different sustainability methods to ensure their farm can continue producing high quality food for future generations.


We’re talking soil health, animal health, choice of animal to land, destocking, adapting to climate change, going organic, using less pesticides. Many farming are adopting all or some of these practices – There is no one shoe fits all.


We’re here to celebrate farmers who are doing their bit to affect change for good, without compromising taste.


By ordering through Range Meats, you can be sure we’ve done the hard work for you, and gathered together a group of farmers on the forefront of change, producing the best quality meat available.


We believe eating meat is part of a well balanced diet. By eating quality over quantity, you’re helping drive consumer demand, thus helping the meat industry move in the right. (sustainable) direction.


It doesn’t have to cost the earth to eat meat.