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How to prepare and slice a whole Beef Sirloin

Beef sirloin is a popular and flavourful cut of beef that comes from the hindquarter of the animal. It is located in the area between the ribs and the round (hind leg) and is divided into several sub-cuts, each with its own characteristics.


Sirloin steaks are also known as New York, Porterhouse or boneless Sirloin.

Take your time slicing beef sirloin to ensure your meat is cut to perfection.

How to slice a whole beef sirloin

Bonleless Sirloin Roast (rump end)

  1. Have a look at the cut and identify the Rump end versus the forequarter end.
  2. Use rump end for roasts or steaks. In this video we keep the cut as a roast.
  3. Larder trim
  4. Remove sinew from the Sirloin edge
  5. Carefully score a straight line through the sinew
  6. Remove the sinew and excess fat