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grass fed . grain finished . carbon neutral beef . no added hormones . sustainably produced

Five Founders Beef

beef as nature intended

Sustainable Grazing

Five Founders Beef is produced exclusively from free-roaming cattle born and raised on the vast, fertile grasslands of the northern Australian Outback.


This gives Five Founders Beef its consistent, distinctive, and delicious natural flavour.


Five Founders is NAPCo (Northern Australia Pastoral Company) premium line of beef.


Carbon Neutral

In April 2019, Five Founders became Australia’s first Carbon Neutral certified beef. Certification by the Australian Government demonstrate that we have met the most rigorous criteria. Its our way of helping to flight climate change and farming for a greener future.


Pioneering Sustainable Beef

Five Founders has a Whole of Life commitment to both  livestock and the environments they work in.


A part of pioneering sustainable beef is NAPCo’s conservation partnership with Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC). 


This long term strategy will see NAPCo deliver conservation management activities across their entire estate, whilst generating positive, measurable outcomes for biodiversity.

five founders pie chart of sustainability

Delicate, soft flavours

Five Founders beef is 100 days grain finished, which results in  remarkably consistent taste and quality. 


Five Founders Beef is the result of a sustainable approach to producing beef, without compromising quality, taste or flavour. We think that’s worth celebrating!


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