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Carrara Wagyu

Award winning Australian wagyu beef

Carrara 640 Wagyu stands as a tribute to the art of marbling, showcasing an exquisite, lace-like marbling that sets it apart as the pinnacle of global beef quality.

Sourced straight from the lush pastures of South Queensland, a region celebrated for its superior beef production, Carrara 640 offers a culinary experience unlike any other. The combination of unparalleled genetics delivers a beef with a melt-in-your-mouth texture and a rich, profound flavour.

Indulge in luxury eating that is embodied in Carrara 640 Wagyu, and treasured experience in every bite.

Elegant Eating

“The ultimate experience of rich, caramelised and roasted aroma with silky smooth tenderness, umami and long-lasting juiciness – being deliciously balanced and succulent. “

– Judges remarks – Wagyu branded beef competition.

Every cut of Carrara 640 meets precise quality and eating standards that is naturally tender, with subtle flavour and delicate marbling that melts in your mouth which is derived through grain feeding and first-class genetics.

Carrara Wagyu flamed grilled
fresh wagyu sliced on board

Marvelous Marbling

  • Marble score 6-7
  • Cross breed F1 Wagyu between Black Angus and Wagyu Cattle
  • Grain-fed for a minimum of 350 days

Awarded Beef

Carrara Wagyu is impressively awarded for such a young brand.

With just four years on the market, there’s not many producers that can lay claim to this many medals in such a short time.

Wagyu branded beef gold medal

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