At Range Meats, we've partnered with some of the top brands around the country! So therefore, when you buy from Range Meats, you're buying the best quality products going around! You won't be dissapointed!
There is no catch. I believe that once you try what I have to offer you’ll come back and buy more. And that’s the risk I’m taking. If you don’t buy from me again that’s my fault, not yours.
Your meat will be delivered to your home in a temperature-controlled box. Inside the box will be ice packs keeping your meat in perfect condition until you put it in your fridge.
Please note that we only operate in the state of Victoria. To make it simple, our delivery fee is $9.00 per 15kg of product. Remember, by ordering in bulk you will generally be saving more than that... and... also having the convenience of it being delivered to your home saves you time.
No. You can order whatever you want.
Well, you don’t have to, but all I can say is you will probably be eating more tender, flavoursome meat than you are used to. This is because you’ll only receive MSA Graded Beef that has been aged for an optimal amount of time. And not only that...but you will also find you are generally paying less for your meat overall.
The longer you age red meat the better it becomes. Unfortunately, most meat you buy nowadays isn’t aged for anywhere near long enough.
Firstly, because we are a home delivery business, we have less overheads. We don’t have a shop for the public to come to, or lots of employees... and we pass those savings on to you. And secondly, we sell to you in bulk which means we save money on handling and processing…meaning you save too.